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"I started going to Deb-ee after a botched lip job done in Portland. I was unhappy with my results, and was referred to Deb-ee by several people. Needless to say, she fixed me right up and I’ve been a loyal client for nearly 5 years! Her eye for aesthetic is unmatched, and I never leave feeling overdone. She’s as kind as she is talented, I couldn’t recommend her more! "

— Fallon H

Mouth area: filler
3 syringes filler divided between lips,
Lips: filler
Facial Lines: filler
5 syringes of filler.JPG
Temples, Cheeks, Eyes: filler & Restylane
Skin Clinic.png
1 syringe of Restylane in the tear troug
Cheeks: filler
Forehead, temples, eyes, cheeks, lips: botox and filler
Cheeks & chin: filler
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