2 oz.


Obagi Nu-Derm Blender Rx is an evening topical treatment cream, specifically created to treat chloasma, melasma, freckles & other melanin issues. Obagi Nu-Derm Blender, prescription only, contains 4% hydroquinone for maximum skin lightening, skin cell turnover and anti-aging benefits.


Obagi Nu-Derm Blender

  • Obagi Blender (Step 5 in the Nu Derm system) is skin lightener and blending cream that contains 4% hydroquinone. This treatment works well mixed with a retinol product to fight signs of aging. Obagi Blender specifically target melanin issues such as freckles, melasma and hyperpigmentation. Blender penetrates deeply to even out skin tone and leave your skin luminous.